We at M S International have state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to provide the best quality material to our customers as per their requirements. For that, we have our own Hi-Tech cold storages, which can hold 28,000 MT of potatoes. The stores are equipped with the latest technology devices and work on automation to maintain the best potato quality. In addition to it, we also acquire other cold storage on rent in our surroundings, which brings our overall storage capacity to 50,000 MT.

Further, M S International also has a temperature-controlled packhouse. The packhouse is equipped with the Sorting, Grading and Packing Line of the world-renowned brand Allround with a capacity of 25 MT per hour. Availability of this line helps to provide the material in various packing Like 25kg (Leno Mesh Bags), 1250/1350 kg (Jumbo Bags), and whatever customers require. 

In addition to it, we have highly experienced, and well-trained employees present at each loading and unloading point, ensuring every batch of potato is inspected correctly according to the specifications. The inspection includes providing quality, size, packing of the material of potato as per the standards. Further, it also consists of the fried taste for every batch supplied to customers.

For each of the processes, we have well designed SOPs to follow. Overall, our complete management and business dealings are based on our forefathers’ ethical principles and values.